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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carrie Ann Ryan: The Devil's Not Buying - April and Danielle

Carrie Ann Ryan: The Devil's Not Buying - April and Danielle: Here is a flash fiction from the lovely April Fifer and Danielle Hylton...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Becoming an author... through the eyes of an eleven year old

My son, Logan, knew he wanted to be a writer from the moment he picked up a pencil. Heck… he knew he wanted to be a writer before I did. From the moment he gets homes from school, (and finishes his homework of course), he immediately sits down in front of the computer and writes for hours. One day he stopped me and asked if I would mind reading what he wrote. And of course, being a mom, I said sure! After reading ten pages, my mouth was left hanging open. I was amazed at how well and thought out his writing was. Now granted… he is eleven, so his stories are spin offs of other stories he has read, or even movies that he has seen. But I was surprised at the creativity he used in his writing.

This got Danielle and I to thinking… What does being an author mean to an eleven year? So we decided to interview him. After reading his answers and listening to him, we began to understand just how important this really was to him.

We hope you enjoy this interview. NOTE! We did not edit it in anyway, so any grammatical errors, misspellings and etc, have not been corrected. We wanted to deliver this interview to you guys raw and completely real from the eyes of an eleven year old.

And… we would so love comments… Logan will be reading them and responding. Help welcome this little man in to the wonderful of authors.
April and Danielle: Who is your idol as a writer?
Logan: Stephen king and Rick Riordan

April and Danielle: What books are you currently reading?
Logan: The lost hero by Rick Riordan

April and Danielle: What books are you currently writing?
Logan: The demigod war and a white tail tale

April and Danielle: What makes a good book?
Logan: A lot of thought and hard work and imagination but if you like a movie you could write something similar

April and Danielle: What story would you like to see your idol write next?
Logan: A whole new different series of a book with more action and funnier

April and Danielle: What is your favorite quote from one of the stories you have written or are currently writing?
Logan: When ever one of my characters embarrasses the other

April and Danielle: What is your favorite story villain and why?
Logan: The were wolf from Cycle of a were wolf by Stephen King because I though it was really well thought out and my favorite monster is werewolves

April and Danielle: What advice would you give to children of your age about becoming an author?
Logan: If you want to show your thoughts and inspiration to people than write books or comics

April and Danielle: Tell us about yourself.
Logan: Well I’m writing two books and I want to go hunting but I have to go threw a safety course and I have to be twelve to do it and I’ve nine days for something to ship here my favorite subject in school is writing and I’m waiting for more books to come out in the diary of a wimpy kid and a new book by my favorite authors


Caleb felt weird about the field trip he was going to. He felt like he was going to perform show tunes in front of the whole class. This was Caleb’s first field trip. He was kicked out of four schools and never was long enough for a real field trip. His friend Michael was really impatient about the field trip. “When are we leaving to go.” Michael said. “It’s starting to get boring.” Michael thought school was the most boring thing he had ever been to except for the Dr. Phil show.

Then Caleb saw this girl with long blonde hair that stopped at the middle of her spine and bright blue eyes that sparkled at him. The girl came up to Caleb and asked him if this was Ms. April’s room. He told her yes this is Ms. April’s room. “My name is Annabeth.” She said. “I’m from Nashville.” Michael asked Caleb who that was. Caleb told him “She’s Annabeth.”

Michael’s chin dropped like its been in a battle field. Caleb pushed Michael’s chin back up and Caleb said, “Are you trying to embarrass me.”