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Monday, November 4, 2013

Chance to win a $20 Amazon gift card.


Well the time has finally arrived! We have finished writing Flesh and Flames, book #2 of The Flesh Series. It was a long road but so incredibly fun. April and I have gotten so close to these characters that we actually find ourselves wondering what is going to happen to them. We even say comments to each other like, “I can’t believe she did that!” or “Wow, these guys are going to kill each other.” They have developed into characters that we know and love.

Flesh and Flames is much more dramatic than Flesh and Feathers, which I thought wasn't even possible. Each character in this series has such an important role to the story. There were quite a few new people introduced in the sequel, and unfortunately a few that won’t stay forever. The very talented, Reese Dante was the cover artist and we are pleased to share the cover with all of you. Please feel free to ask some long awaited questions, if you have any.

What do you think this book has in store?
Tell us what you think of the cover. Does it catch your eye?
Leave a comment for a chance to win a $20 amazon gift card!!!!!! We will pick a winner November 12th


Time has been all but kind to Azaleigh over the past year, but with this time, change has filled a void caused by broken dreams. Gage, always a permanent fixture, has waited for his chance to steal her heart. Just when Azaleigh gives in, the unimaginable happens -- Kale returns. But he's not the same. Fear harbors inside Azaleigh's mind as she tries to run from torn emotions. Things are not what they seem. A web of deceit clings to the secret Az has been waiting to uncover -- Anna. As the surreptitious story is revealed, horror of the ones behind it is mind-blowing. Will the mystery be brought to light or will it remain hidden from the fire within? –

RELEASE DATE: 11/30/13!!!!!!!!! Whoohoo!

PreOrder at Silver Publishing.


Josie Hink said...

I love this cover if I saw it in the bookstore I would definitely pick it and see what it was about!!!


Laura Collins said...

I love this cover,it really catches you eye when looking at it. I have to admit that I am one of those people who will buy a book by it's cover. If I was in a store or looking online and saw this book I would get it because of the cover, without even reading the description. Great job, I am adding it to my wish list now.

kathy p said...

I love this cover. It really makes you interested in finding out more about this book!

Susan said...

Love the cover of the book. Cant wait to read it. May have to go back and read the first book since it been awhile, but can't wait.

April and Danielle said...

The winner of this post is Laura Collins. Congratulations!! We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented. You guys are so nice. We will be doing more contest and giveaways in the future so don't miss out. Thanks!

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